Aloe Vera is undoubtedly one of the most effective natural remedies to eliminate acne, pimples, blackheads, scars and all those imperfections that can disfigure the skin of the face, or other areas of the body.

Its action is twofold:

  • Externally: applied to the skin, the Aloe Vera gel acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and facilitates the regeneration of healthy tissue.
  • Internally: Aloe juice, drunk regularly, cleanses the body from within, eliminating the root problem.

Let’s better see how you can use Aloe to get rid of the pimples and acne once and for all.

What is acne?

how to eliminate acne

Acne is a widespread skin disorder, especially among adolescents, although some people present this problem until adulthood.

It is a disorder of the sebaceous glands, located near the hair follicles.

These glands secrete a fatty substance called sebum.

We all have these glands and sebum secretion is a completely normal thing, but acne sufferers have larger glands that produce excess sebum.

The excessive production of this oily substance facilitates the proliferation of some bacteria and traps dead cells in the pores.

Among the various bacteria, there is one that seems to cause more problems.

This is Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium normally present in the skin, which can exploit this situation to its advantage, proliferating and eventually causing inflammation of the skin which leads to the formation of pimples.

In this regard it must be said that, thanks to its marked antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, the Aloe Vera gel is particularly effective in fighting the proliferation of these bacteria.

The causes of Acne

The causes of acne are not yet fully known to the Official Science, but it is assumed that this is a hormonal problem, as a matter of fact it manifests above all among young people.

Other causes can be:

  • Poor skin cleansing
  • The use of cosmetic products that contain harmful substances, or that suffocate the skin (for example paraffin, petrolatum and parabens)
  • A diet rich in sugars, cold cuts, pork, dairy products and trans and / or hydrogenated fats.

How to use Aloe to get rid of acne and pimples

 aloe vera gel acne

How do I get rid of the pimples once and for all?

I will answer this question by reporting the experience of the Brazilian friar who first discovered the properties and benefits of using Aloe.

I’m talking about Father Romano Zago. If you don’t know who he is, here you can find an article entirely dedicated to him.

To treat acne, in his book “Aloe Isn’t a medicine and yet… it cures” Father Zago recommends using Aloe Vera (or even better Aloe Arborescens), both externally and entirely.

What does it mean?

This means that Aloe, to be really effective, should be used both as a gel applied to the skin and as a juice to drink.

Let’s see better why and how to use Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera gel for external use

As for topical use, you can choose to use a cream based on Aloe Vera, which does not contain parabens or petroleum derivatives (because they suffocate the skin and poison it), or you can directly use the fresh leaf of Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis miller), or Aloe Arborescens.

How to use the fresh Aloe leaf

eliminate pimples with aloe

Split an Aloe leaf, cut the lateral thorns and open the leaf in two. You will see that inside there is a viscous and transparent liquid; it is the Aloe gel.

Apply the leaf on the area affected by the acne and if possible, block the leaf using a plaster.

The longer you leave the gel to act, the better. Father Zago’s advice is to let the gel act throughout the night.

How to use Aloe Vera cream and which one to choose

If the use of the leaf seems too laborious, or if you simply have no space or way to grow an Aloe plant at home, you can always use a good cream based on Aloe Vera.

However, pay close attention to what you choose, because buying a bad quality cream could even make things worse.

It is important to avoid creams containing parabens and petroleum derivatives, such as paraffin and Vaseline. These oily substances apparently seem to hydrate the skin, but in reality they create an impermeable film that does not allow the skin to breathe, facilitating the proliferation of bacteria and favoring the formation of pimples and blackheads.

How to use Aloe cream?

Aloe cream should be applied directly to pimples twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.

During the night the Aloe will act releasing the accumulation of secretion of the sebaceous glands, without the need to crush the pimple and therefore without the risk of leaving scars. Furthermore, when applied to scars, Aloe stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue, thus eliminating the scar.

Other natural acne remedies

The action of the gel and the Aloe-based creams is even more effective if combined with some vegetable substances and essential oils with a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

This is the case, for example, of tea tree oil, sage, lavender, burdock and calendula. Even the combination of Aloe Vera with snail slime extract is very effective in treating acne, as well as spots, blackheads and wrinkles.

The combination of Aloe Vera gel with clay is very effective, a combination that is generally used in cosmetics for face masks.

Below you will find some excellent products based on Aloe Vera, without parabens and petrolatum and specific for the resolution of acne and many other skin blemishes:

aloe vera and snail slime extract

Aloe vera and snail slime cream
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Aloe vera and clay mask face

Aloe Vera and green clay face mask
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Aloe juice to drink

Even more important, to remove acne and pimples, is the oral intake of Aloe juice.

In this case, Father Romano Zago advises not using Aloe Vera, whose intake of nutrients and active ingredients is much lower when compared with Aloe Arborescens juice.

Aloe juice, drunk regularly, acts in depth purifying the whole body and eliminating the toxins and hormonal imbalances that caused the formation of acne and therefore of pimples.

How is Aloe juice produced?

To prepare the juice you need an Aloe Arborescens plant, organically grown in pots or in the garden and at least 4 years old.

You need 350 g of Aloe Arborescens leaves, 500 g of honey and two tablespoons of distillate.

Aloe leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth, while they should never be washed completely, as water speeds up the oxidation process of some active ingredients. Then the lateral thorns are removed and the leaves are cut into large pieces. Finally, put everything in a blender (leaves, honey and grappa) and make it start. Within a minute or so you should get a dark green liquid.

Aloe juice, once done, should be poured into a glass container and then placed in the refrigerator, away from light and heat sources.

For more information on the juice preparation you can read: How to prepare the juice recipe of Father Romano Zago.

How to take the juice and for how long?

To cure acne (but also for many other problems) the Aloe Arborescens juice must be taken every day, in the quantity of a spoon, three times a day, half an hour before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This until completing a jar of juice. If after completing the first jar, the acne problem still persists, wait 10-15 days and start again preparing another jar of juice, which will be taken in the same way.

Important: in the first days when you start taking Aloe juice it is common to have episodes of diarrhea. It is completely normal, and the intestine is usually regularized after the first 3-4 days. If this is not the case, you can decide to reduce the quantities, taking a teaspoon instead of a large soup spoon and twice instead of 3.

Are there any contraindications in taking Aloe juice?

Yes. Aloe juice should be absolutely avoided during pregnancy.

People suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases, such as crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis should take only Aloe juices, aloin free.

Where to buy fresh Aloe Arbroescens juice

If you do not have the possibility, the time or the desire to make Aloe Arborescens juice at home, you can always rely on external producers, why not Italians.

In Italy, I highly recommend the Erbedimauro farm, which grows Aloe plants and produces this type of juice on order, following in all respects the original recipe of Father Romano Zago and with the possibility, on request, to order Aloe juices, concentrates, or without alcohol, or without honey.

You can order Erbedimauro Aloe juices, directly online, on the website:

aloe arborescens classic juice

Aloe Arborescens and honey juice
Supplier: Erbedimauro Farm
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If you are looking for the aloin free juice, you can find it here: Aloe Vera juice aloin free.

Pay attention to your diet

Unfortunately, doctors still give too little importance to nutrition, which instead is essential if the root problem is to be solved.

In particular, some foods should be absolutely avoided:

  • Cold cuts and pork;
  • Dairies;
  • Milk chocolate and milk-based creamy desserts;
  • Snacks, or packaged products that contain margarines, trans and / or hydrogenated fats

Finally, the consumption of sugar in general should be reduced, while the diet should be rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables and fish, especially bluefish rich in omega-3, which has an excellent anti-inflammatory action.