All you need to know to take Aloe in the right way

In this article we explain how to take Aloe, following the indications of Father Romano Zago, both in the case of prevention, both in the case of treatment of cancer, or other diseases. If you are looking for explanations on how to prepare Father Zago’s Aloe recipe, click here.

Shake before using

Before taking the Aloe Arborescens juice, remember to shake the jar well.

Why? Because honey, being the heaviest ingredient, tends to settle on the bottom of the container. For this reason, it is better to mix the ingredients, shaking the product over and over again, so as to improve the effectiveness of the recipe.

Dosage of the recipe

For both the prevention and treatment of Cancer (or other health conditions) the Aloe Arborescens juice should be taken three tablespoons a day, at least half an hour before the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is very important that you do not drink water or other liquids during or immediately after taking it. Water would reduce the therapeutic effect of the preparation.

For how long should you take aloe?

aloe arborescens plant

In this case, we need to distinguish between healthy people, who only take it for prevention, and people affected by cancer, or from a more or less serious disease.

  • For prevention: in this case you can take Aloe 3 times a day, until finishing one jar of the product and then you can stop taking it. Father Romano Zago recommends taking this Aloe recipe at least 1-2 times a year. However, nothing stops you from taking it even more often. The important thing is to respect the dosages (see above) and take a break of 7-10 days between one jar and another;
  • For the treatment of Cancer, or other diseases:
  • In this case the Aloe recipe should be taken until the disease is completely eradicated. So you take the aloe juice, 3 times a day, until the end of the jar and then you take a break of 7-10 days *. Then start again with the intake of Aloe and in the meantime do the appropriate health checks to monitor the state of the disease. If the illness is still present, even if it has stopped, or has regressed, Father Zago always advises to continue with the Aloe intake, never interrupting it. It may then be interrupted when we know for sure that the disease has finally been eradicated.

* Regarding the break, in his book Father Romano Zago explains that the 7-10 days break is not so essential, indeed it is optional. He says that there have been many cases of healing even of people who have not respected this indication at all.

If cancer is still there …

In the event that, after taking Aloe, the cancer is still there and it has not even regressed, Father Romano Zago advises to continue with the “standard” intake of the Aloe recipe (a spoonful, 3 times a day).

If after finishing the first two jars, the situation has remained unchanged (for example, the tumor has not regressed and has not even stopped), Father Zago recommends doubling the doses:

  • 2 tablespoons half an hour before breakfast;
  • 2 tablespoons half an hour before lunch;
  • 2 tablespoons half an hour before dinner.

Going on until the next health check and increasing the dosages to 3 tablespoons, 3 times a day, if the disease has not at least stopped.